"Time Ripped" by John Mulholland is a fast-paced graphic novel that blends mystery, thriller, and a touch of romance, centering around a centuries-old conspiracy that threatens the lives of its protagonists, Holly Cauldwell and Jim Wilmot.

The story begins with a murder that occurs in front of hundreds of witnesses. The victim, an American writer investigating royal family secrets, is killed during a public argument with Cauldwell and Wilmot, making them prime suspects. The pair, though strangers to each other, are forced to team up and go on the run, pursued by both the police and a group of shadowy villains connected to the murder.

As they flee, Cauldwell and Wilmot discover a "smoking gun" that could expose a 400-year-old fraud involving international fortunes and the legacies of revered historical figures. However, they don't fully understand its significance. To clear their names, they must piece together the mystery behind this ancient secret, a journey that takes them across England—from cricket fields in Bedfordshire to London's bustling streets and rural landscapes. Along the way, they face numerous narrow escapes and hair-raising encounters with their pursuers, who seem to be one step ahead at every turn.

Despite the danger, a romantic connection blossoms between Cauldwell and Wilmot, adding depth to the story's emotional stakes. However, the deeper they delve into the mystery, the more they realize that exposing the truth could cost them their lives, as powerful forces are determined to keep the secret hidden.

"Time Ripped" combines suspense, humor, and romance in a thrilling narrative reminiscent of classic Hitchcock films. It keeps readers on edge with its unpredictable twists and turns while exploring themes of loyalty, love, and the blurred lines between legend and reality.

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