Experience the allure of the French Riviera in "HIGH RIVIERA," a spellbinding graphic novel crafted by the masterful John Mulholland.

In the sun-kissed streets of Nice, CHRIS HOLDEN, a captivating crime-guru, crosses paths with MARINA, a martial artist and investigator shrouded in mystery. Their encounter sets off a thrilling chain of events as they unwittingly become entangled in the schemes of the corrupt investigator MADELEINE DE BEUPRE. Forced to flee across the picturesque landscapes of Monaco and Ajaccio, CHRIS and MARINA navigate a world of danger and deceit. As they unravel the mysteries of MADELEINE's plots, they find solace in each other's company amidst the chaos that surrounds them.

Through witty banter and heart-pounding action, CHRIS and MARINA form an unbreakable bond that defies the odds. As they confront their adversaries head-on, they discover the true strength of their connection and the power of love in the face of adversity. In "HIGH RIVIERA," Mulholland invites readers on a journey of suspense, romance, and redemption that will leave them breathless until the very end.

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