Top Graphic Novel Publishers in New York City

Top Graphic Novel Publishers in New York City
Colossal New York is a New York-based publisher dedicated to offering true "cinema on the page" experiences through illustrated literature. Our books, written and illustrated by talented artists and writers, present storylines that are captivating and thrilling, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the worlds on the pages. Whether it’s a suspenseful crime thriller, an emotional drama, or a children's story, our books captivate readers and create an atmosphere of enjoyment and immersion.

At Colossal New York, we truly stand apart from the competition with our commitment to creating and publishing books for a new generation of readers. Unlike comic books, graphic novels aren’t just for children—they can also provide an enjoyable escape for adults, either before bed or during a daily commute.

If you’re looking for unique, entertaining literature that can be enjoyed at any time, we are the perfect choice. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to creating books that bring readers to new worlds while still maintaining a compelling story that keeps the reader engaged.

Today, we continue to provide an unparalleled experience for readers, enabling them to experience stories from brand-new perspectives, and for authors, through our publishing services.

If you’re looking for unique, high-quality literature, delve into our collection today! Browse our shop and find the perfect book for you. For more information or to get in touch, call us at (917) 979-3045. We’d love to speak with you and find out what experience you’d like to have.